1) How do I place a bid? First, you must open an account with PL Cars, Inc. Your account must have a balance available of at least 10% of your bid. If you are the winning bidder and you do not pay for your vehicle within 5 days, your 10% deposit is non-refundable and the vehicle will be sold.

2) Is there any guarantee on the vehicles I buy? There is no guarantee. Vehicles are sold as is condition. Some may have keys, some may not. Some are running, others are not. All we have is the information provided by the auction and its accuracy is not guaranteed.

3) If I buy a vehicle at the auction, how can I arrange transportation? We can arrange transportation for you. Also, if you like, we can arrange transportation of your vehicle from the auction to a shipper of your choice, body shop, mechanic shop, etc.

4) What does PL Cars, Inc. charge for this service? This service is provided for a fee which depends on vehicle value and it is $300 and up per vehicle (see Dealer Fee for details). Please note, you will only pay this fee if you are the winning bidder. There is no charge to bid.

5) If I'm not happy with my purchase, can I get a refund or return it? Unfortunately, no. This is an auction. You are buying directly from an insurance company. All vehicles are sold as is condition. No warranties or guarantees, so please be cautious of your bids.

6) If I place a bid and change my mind, can I cancel my bid? No. Bids once placed cannot be cancelled. All bids are final.

7) Before I bid, can I look at the vehicle in person? No. These vehicles are on secured lots and they are located all accross the country. Your bid must be based on the pictures and information the auction provided.

8) How do I know if the vehicle runs & drives? We do not know that. All we have is the information provided by the auction. If the auction provides that info, please look carefully.

9) How do I know if I am getting keys with my vehicle? You must read the info provided by the auction. If there are no keys and they are the programmed type, we can arrange to make a set of keys for you in our warehouse in Oakland Park, FL for a fee.

10) Is the damage on the picture all the damage? Please be aware that some vehicles have hidden damages, not seen on the pictures. Check the pictures and information provided by the auction. No one guarantees the information's accuracy.


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